BQ NQ HQ PQ High Strength Plastic Core Boxes

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The core box is made of strong and lightweight plastic material, and the core box can resist cold and high temperature. A lid comes with each Core Box that is easily removed. This new Core Box provides stable stacking and can withstand the weight of several boxes full of cores stacked on its top. This new Core Box provides the best protection and is easy to transport.


Core Boxes
Size 1070x385x50mm 1070x385x55mm 1070x385x70mm 1070x385x93mm
Inseam Length 1m 1m 1m 1m
The Width of Each Slot 48mm 55mm 69mm 92mm
Length of Cores to Hold 6m 5m 4m 3m
Lattices Nos 6 5 4 3
Weight 2.2kg 2.2kg 2.4kg 2.8kg