BW-160 Simplex Piston Mud Pump

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Product Description:

The mud-pump is one of the principal equipments for geological prospecting. While core drilling, the pump supplies the drilling hole with enough volume slurry or cleaning water and makes it circulate in the drilling hole in order to carry the rock debris up to the ground, to make the bottom of the drilling hole clean, to cool and lubricate the drilling tools, to protect the wall of the drilling hole and to help drilling faster. So the performance of mud-pump affects the efficiency of drilling and safety in production directly.

BW-160 mud pump is a horizontal double-acting reciprocation single-cylinder piston pump,It is mainly used in seismic shot hole drilling well drilling and bedrock drilling with engineering drilling rig.

Model聽No.: BW-160
Type Horizontal聽single聽cylinder聽double聽action聽reciprocating聽piston聽pump
Cylinder聽diameter 95mm
Piston聽Stroke 85mm
frequency聽of聽stroke 165聽times/min
Flow聽rate 160聽L/min
Pressure 1.3聽mpa
Power聽input 5.88聽kW
Diameter聽of聽suction聽pipe 50mm
Diameter聽of聽discharge聽pipe 40mm
Overall聽dimensions聽(LxWxH) 1110聽x聽725聽x聽965聽mm
Weight 200聽kg