BW-200 Horizontal Duplex Piston Mud Pump

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Product Description

BW-200 mud pump is a horizontal cylinder double-acting reciprocating piston pump is mainly used for core drilling into the drilling fluid is supplied, comparing the same type of pump and the pump with small size, light weight, more suitable for geological exploration on use.

BW-200 mud pump is adapted to the needs of diamond drilling is equipped with two kinds of diameter cylinder, cylinder liner for 酶80 mm diameter alloy steel particles in normal use 600 m drilling rig, 酶65 cylinder liner available the normal use of small caliber diamond drilling rig 1000 metersThe Technical parameters of the BW-200 Double-Cylinder Mud Pump:

Pump type Horizontal type
Function type double-function
Cylinder No. 2
Cylinder diameter mm 80;65
Stroke mm 85
Stroke times Times/min 145
Displacement L/min 200;125
Work pressure Mpa 4;6
Transmission shaft r/min 530
Belt pulley diameter mm 385
Belt type and No. B type * 5 grooves
powder 295 diesel or electromotor
Input pipe diameter mm 65
Output pipe diameter mm 37
Dimensions( L*W*H) mm 1050*630*820
Weight kg 300


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