BW-2500/16 Large Flow Five Cylinders Piston Mud Pump

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Product Description:

BW2500/16 quintuplex mud pump is a horizontal single-acting five-piston reciprocating mud pump.聽This horizontal drilling pump is equipped with variable speed, displacement and pressure, and is mainly applied for 400-ton trenchless equipment, water well, HDD drilling, etc. This five piston mud pump also features compact structure and stable performance.聽It enjoys large variable ranges of displacement and relatively high output pressure.聽Besides, its high wear parts enjoy long service life.


1. Large variable ranges of displacement and pressure and low energy consumption extensive drilling applications.
2. This five piston single acting mud pump enjoys reasonable structure, even displacement and low pressure fluctuation.
3. Pump body with steel structural components and crankshaft with steel parts guarantee strong strength and high reliability. The connecting rod is equipped with cylinder roller bearing to improve the load capacity and ensure stability.
4. Forced lubrication and splash lubrication help to extend the service life of reciprocating parts.
5. Crosshead and pull rod are integrally processed to enhance accuracy. Cylinder liner and piston are sprayed and cooled to assure there service life.
6. Symmetrically arranged suction pipe and discharged pipe can be easily mounted on either side.
7. Cummins motor and Fost 200T gearbox ensure reliable performance and convenient service.
8. Remote controlling of this horizontal drilling pump simplifies operation.


Model BW2500/16
Type Five-cylinder single-acting reciprocating piston pump
Liner Dia.(mm) 蠁150
Stroke (mm) 150
Pump speed(min-1) 189 147 115 89 70 55 42 33
Discharge replacement (1/min) 2500 1950 1520 1180 925 720 560 430
Rated Pressure (MPa) 4.8 6 8 10.2 13 16 16 16
Engine model Cummins diesel engine 6LTAA8.9-C360
Power (KW) 264
Suction pipe Dia. (mm) 203
Discharge pipe Dia. (mm) 100
Dimension(L脳W脳H) 5500脳2600X2400mm(With diesel engine)
Weight 10000(With diesel engine)


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