GY-150B Portable Trailer Mobile Drilling Rig

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Product Description

GY-150B Drilling Rig With Pump Integrated:

GY-150B is a portable and multipurpose engineering exploration drilling rig, applicable to the engineering geological exploration in fields of industrial and civil buildings, railways, bridges, hydropower engineering, as well as small-diameter foundation pile hole drilling.

The technical parameter of the GY-150B Drilling Rig:

Basic Parameters
Drilling depth 150m    35m
Drilling diameter 76mm    300mm
Drill pipe diameter 42mm    CR42   AW
Gross weight of drilling machine(engine not included) 600kg
Dimension (length ×width × height) 1610 × 790× 1420   mm
Revolving Plate
Rated speed 60  200  400  610  1100  r/min
Maximum torque 1800N*m
Driving travel 450mm
Maximum Cylinder driving force 20,000N
Maximum Cylinder lifting force  30,000N
Lifting capacity 24,000N
Bobbin line speed (2 layers) 0.20  0.72  1.26  2.8 m/s
Bobbin diameter 125mm
Rope diameter 11mm
Rope capacity 26m
Oil pumps:
Displacement: 20ml/r
Normal speed 2500r/min
Normal pressure 20MPa
Max pressure 25MPa
Mud pumps
Displacement 100L/min
Maximum pressure 1.5MPa
Drilling rig
Type Steel pipe quadripod
Height 6m
Drive motor
Type Changcai ZS1100 diesel engine
Rated power 13.2KW
Weight 160kg
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