XUL-100 Drilling Rig

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Product Description

XUL-100 Portable Drilling Rig:

Drilling depth(m): 100;
Spindle Stroke(mm): 370;
Spindle lifting power max. (KN): 30;
Spindle driving force max. (KN): 23;
Electric motor: Y160M-4(11KW);

Product Features:
Advanced capadility and high reliability.
Excellent design and easy operation.
Alternative-designed unit constructions.
Accessories in common use.

Historical view:
In 1992, the first drill rig for the sample boring from the deep stratum ofantarctica in the world used by the Chinese Academy of Science.

Best Quality Awards belonging to China National Nuclear Ministry Hunan Province.

The technological data of the XUL-100 drilling rig:

Type XUL-100 Drilling Rig
Drilling depth(m) 100
Drilling rod diameter(mm) 桅42
Head angle range 360掳
Cylinder stroke(mm) 300
Spindle speed(r/min) 144\264\590\1083
Spindle hole diameter(mm) 桅54
Spindle output torque(N.M) 800
Spindle stroke(mm) 370
Spindle driving force max.(KN) 23
Spindle lifting power max.(KN) 30
Lifting speed (m/s) 0.36\0.7\1.49\2.9
Single rope lifting power(KN) 10
Steel wire rope diameter(mm) 桅11
Mode of chuck Hand lever chuck
Weight(power unit excepted)(kg) 550
Dimensions(LxWxH)(mm) 1200x650x1300
Diesel engine ZS1110(12.1KW)
Electric motor Y160M-4(11KW)