HGY-1000 Drilling Rig

HGY-1000 Drilling Rig

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Product Details

HGY-1000 Drilling Rig:

Drilling depth(m): 1000;
Spindle Stroke(mm):  600;
Spindle lifting power max. (KN):  80;
Spindle driving force max. (KN):  60;
Oil pump type:  CB-F32C-FL;

Product Features:
Compact in structure and light weight.
High reliability, good performance and durability.
Common auto parts, such as clutch and declutch structure, transmission case and shiftine structure.
Easy operation and high efficiency with Synchronizer for shifting while the rig is Running.
Suitable to wide range of rotation inner dia. 95mm.
Be attached to the tower.

Product Application:
It is widely used in the construction of the projects e. g. Prospecting, railway, road, port, bridge, water conservancy and hydropower, tunnel, well, industrial and civil construction, geological exploration, large diameter boring pile and small diameter diamond core deep hole drilling, etc.   

The technical parameters of the HGY-1000 drilling rig:       

Type HGY-1000 Drilling Rig
Drilling depth(m) 1000
Oil pump type CB-F32C-FL
Oil pump nominal displacement(ml/r) 32
Stroke of moving cylinder (mm) 400±10
Spindle speed(r/min) Positive rotation rate: 51\93\160\246\350\149\268\463\710\1011
Reverse rotation rate: 57\164
Spindle hole diameter(mm) Φ95
Spindle output torque(N.M) 5055
Spindle stroke(mm) 600
Spindle driving force max.(KN) 60
Spindle lifting power max.(KN) 80
Speed of single rope of the third layer(m/s) 0.44\0.80\1.38\2.12\3.02
Lift capacity of single rope max.(KN) 35
Diameter & Length of drum(mm) Φ15×100
Max distance from the hole(mm) 250
Weight(power unit excepted)(kg) 1720
Dimensions(L x W x H)(mm) 2400x1020x1765
Diesel engine type K4100ZD
Diesel engine power (KW) 41
Oil pump nominal rotative velocity(dmin) 1800
Oil pump nominal pressure(MPa) 16
Electric motor type YB200L-4
Electric motor power(KW) 30


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