SPT Split Tube Sampler with PVC Coreliner for Soil Testing

SPT Split Tube Sampler with PVC Coreliner for Soil Testing

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SPT Split Tube Sampler

Standard Penetration Test (SPT) equipment consisting of Automatic Trip Hammer, Drive Rods and various types of Split Tube Samplers.

SPT Split Tube Sampler design for carry out the Standard Penetration Test (SPT) to BS 1377: Part 9: 1990 and ASTM standards. The Top Ball Valve Adaptor, pair of Split Spoons, and open SPT Shoe compose a complete of Split Tube Sampler. A Basket Retainer made from steel also is available as an option the sampler. The ball valve adaptor prevents samples from being washed out of the sampler when it is withdrawn from the borehole. A 60 degree nose cone or long solid rod with 60 degree point is available for carrying out SPT (c) tests in gravel and loose material. The screw connection on the top adaptor depends on the type of drill rods being used to drive the sampler. Most frequently used rods are 1-1/2″ B.S. Whitworth, NWY Rod, BW or AW.

The standard Split Tube Sampler is 2″ (50.8 mm) OD x 1-3/8″ (34.9 mm ) ID x 18″ (457 mm) / 24″ (610 mm) long. For heavy driving conditions, the Heavy-duty “Tuflok” design is available.

The split tube of the sampler contains a PVC coreliner designed to retain the sample during sampling and to protect the sample once it is removed for its trip to the laboratory.

Components锛圫PT Split Tube Sampler Assembly锛

1.Ball Valve Adaptor

2. Split Tube

3. Basket Retainer-Plastic

4. Cutting Shoe

5. Plastic Liner Caps(Option)

6. Plastic Liner(Option)