Surface Set Diamond Core Bit

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Mark & model: Surface set diamond core bit is suitable for the soft to hard strata which is featured as fast speed of drilling and long service time.

Product profile: Surface Set Diamond Core Bit

  • The surface set diamond bit is produced from a single layer of natural diamond setting on the surface of bit crown with hard matrix.
  • Surface set diamond bit is mainly recommended for drilling soft to hard formations. Generally speaking, surface set diamond bit can provide satisfying penetration rate.
  • To choose a right surface set for the formations drilled, we need at least consider the following aspects: diamond size, diamond grade, profile design.Principle of choosing diamond size–the harder the rocks, the smaller the diamond size should be.

Diamond Size

Formation Drilled

10/20 SPC*

Soft formation

20/30 SPC

soft to medium formation

30/40 SPC

medium formation

40/60 SPC

Medium to hard formation

< 60/80 SPC

Very hard formation

*SPC is short for Stone per Carat

**40/60 is Forsun standard diamond size for natural diamond core bit

***Other sizes are available as per request


Rule of selecting diamond grade–the harder the rocks, the better the diamond grade should be.

Diamond Grade

Formation Drilled

A Grade

Soft formation

AA grade

Soft to medium formation

AAA grade

Hard to very hard formation

*AA grade is Forsun standar diamond grade used in natural diamond core bit
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