WF Series Double Tube Core Barrels

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Product Description:

WG and WF series double tube core barrels are sturdily designed for coring soft to medium 聽rocks using water, polymer or mud flush. The WF series utilize core bits with face discharge flushing ports to prevent core erosion in soft soils and soft rocks. The WG series utilize core bits with internal discharge flushing and are designed for slightly harder formations.

These core barrels are intended for use in conjunction with DCDMA drill rods and casing.


1. Simple sturdy design

聽2. Can be used when DCDMA hole sizes N, H, P and S are required.


WF聽Series Double Tube Core Barrels
Size Hole(mm) Core(mm) Head Thread
HWF 99.6 76.2 As per need
PWF 120.6 92.1 As per need
SWF 146 112.7 As per need
UWF 174.5 139.7 As per need
ZWF 199.8 165.2 As per need

1.5m and 3.0m length core barrels are available.

Core Barrel Size Available:
Wireline series: AQ, BQ, NQ, HQ, PQ, PQ3, HQ3, NQ3, BQ3, NQ2, WL-56, WL-66, WL-76
T2 series: T2 46, T2 56, T2 66, T2 76, T2 86, T2 101
TT series: TT 46, TT 56
T6 series: T6 76, T6 86, T6 101, T6 116, T6 131, T6 146
T6S series: T6S 76, T6S 86, T6S 116, T6S 131, T6S 146
B series: B46, B56, B66, B76, B86, B101, B116, B131, B146
MLC series: NMLC, HMLC
LTK series: LTK48, LTK60
WF series: HWF, PWF, SWF, UWF, ZWF
WT series: RWT, EWT, AWT, BWT, NWT, HWT (Single Tube, Double Tube)
WG series: EWG, AWG, BWG, NWG, HWG (Single Tube, Double Tube)
WM series: EWM, AWM, BWM, NWM, HWM
Other sizes: AX, BX, NX, HX, TBW, NQTT, HQTT, TNW, 412F, BTW, TBW, M101