YZJ-200YY Trailer Mounted Portable Drilling Rig

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Product Description

YZJ-200YY Hydraulic Drilling Rig:
It is widely used in the geological general investigation and exploration, road, railway, port, bridge, water conservancy, tunnel and tall building basic exploration, kinds of hole in concrete structure, river, levees, subgrade grouting hole drilling and direct grouting, civil wells and earth central air conditioner, and etc.

Product introduction:
1, The rig is equipped with a wheeled walking mechanism and hydraulic pillar, machine relocation.聽convenient, easy leveling rig.
2, drop tower is hydraulically operated, convenient and reliable.
3, electric start diesel engine, reduce labor intensity.
4, Portable and efficiency multipurpose drilling rig.
5, Big torque 200meters.
6, Mud pump can be mounted on the trailer.


Drilling depth 200m
End hole caliber 500-75mm
Drill rod caliber 42mm-50mm-60mm
Drilling angle 90掳锝75掳
Drill weight ( include power, tower etc ) 3500kg


spindle speed 64銆128銆287銆557r/min
Spindle stroke 450mm


Max. single line hoisting capacity 2400kg
Single line lifting speed 17銆35銆75銆151r/min
Tightrope caliber 12.5mm
Tightrope cubic measure 35m
Hug floodgate caliber 254mm
Hug floodgate belt width 70mm
Distance between drill and hole 400mm

BW-160 Mud pump

Type Horizontal single urn twin-action
Displacement 160L/min
Diesel engine ZS1115 Model 22HP
Hydraulic cylinder rising mast