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New Type Triple Tube Core Barrel/PVC Plastic Coreliners

Changsha Miracleland Drilling Company. Coreliners are rigid, transparent PVC tubes with a wall thickness of approximately 1 mm, that fit snugly inside the core barrel inner tube. Coreliners can be supplied to fit most types and sizes of core barrel – metric, DCDMA and wireline. It is normally supplied in standard 5-10ft lengths, with or without plastic end caps. To use the coreliner system a modified Core Bit and Core lifter is required with reduced internal diamete. This is to ensure that [...]

SPT Soil Test Sampler

We developed a new usage for the SPT split tube sampler which to add a plastic core liner in the split tube according to customer’s requests. We are one of the most professional company in China which is specilized in geotechnical investigation drilling field for many years, which can meet different drilling demands for the customers. Standard Penetration Test (SPT) equipment consisting of Automatic Trip Hammer, Drive Rods and various types of Split Tube Samplers. The split tube of the sampler [...]

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       Changsha Miracleland Import & Export Co., Ltd, located in “Engineering Machinery City” Hunan Province, China, we are the professional manufacturer & exporter specializing in producting the diamond core bits, reaming shells, core barrels, drill rods, casings, other drilling accessories and drilling rigs which are used mainly in mineral exploration, site investigation, water well construction and etc. Miracleland products are manufactured according to the ISO, DCDMA, CDDA, Metric and Chinese Standards to meet the different needs for the [...]

drilling rig, core barrels manufacturer.