Automatic SPT Hammer

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SPT Automatic Trip Hammer

The Automatic Trip Hammer is manufactured to comply with the Standard Penetration Test (SPT) to BS 1377: Part 9: 1990. SPT Drive Rods and a Split Tube Sampler are connected to the base of the anvil, and driven into the ground by the falling weight.

The Automatic SPT Hammer comprises a weight of 63.5 kg complete with pick-up and self-tripping mechanism that ensures that the weight has a free-fall of exactly 760 mm. The inner shaft acts as a guide that permits the weight to drop with minimal resistance and ensures that the weight strikes the anvil squarely. The Anvil thread is usually be processed with a 1-1/2鈥 B.S. whitworth to fit our standard SPT rods.

Adaptors to other types of drill rod can be supplied on request.

The overall length of the hammer is 2.6 m extended and 1.8 m when unextended. The total weight of the hammer is 107 kg.

1. Outer Tube Assembly C/W Pawls
2. Inner Guide Shaft
3. Drop Weight
4. Anvil