Geobor S 146 Wireline Triple Tube Core Barrel

Geobor S 146 Wireline Triple Tube Core Barrel

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A heavy-duty wireline core barrel enabling 102 mm (4鈥) diameter cores to be taken in a simple and cost-effective manner. It is designed specifically for air-flush, but foam, polymer and water flush can also be used.

This core barrel has been proven to 2500 metres in depth, with full float capacity, or a dry hole lowering device. With a 6 mm all-round clearance between the outer and inner tubes, full advantage can be taken of both air and foam flush in soft formations.

The core barrel can be used with or without plastic coreliner tubes with the same core lifter and bit setting. The barrel accepts the Craelius SK6L / Geobor S type core bit, or our own equivalent, with a set O.D. of 146 mm and set I.D. of 102 mm. The barrel is rotated with either SK6L 140 mm drill rods or by using good quality PW casing as the drill rod.

Geobor S 146 Triple Tube Core Barrel Components: 1. Head Assembly, 2. Plastic Liner, 3. Inner Tube, 4. Core Lifter, 5. Core Lifter Case, 6. Outer Tube Stabilizer, 7. Locking Coupling, 8, Adaptor Coupling, 9. Outer Tube, 10. Inner Tube Stabilizer, 11. Thread Protector.


Size Hole (mm) Core (mm)
Geobor S 146 146 102