Water Swivel (BQ NQ HQ PQ)

Water Swivel (BQ NQ HQ PQ)

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Product Description

The Water Swivel is connected between pump and the top of the drill rod string by a high pressure hose, allowing water or other drilling fluids to be pumped through the rod string.

The water swivel is one of many top quality grade materials composing components. Water swivel is made of pressure-sealed ball bearings, precision machined stainless steel spindles, and light weight aluminum bodies. It is designed to facilitate the introduction of a coolant (normally water) to the inside of the diamond core bit, cooling the bit and removing the cuttings while drilling. During operation, it can undergo the pressure and no leakage occurs. It is also suitable for different threads and mountings.

Features of Water Swivel:
1) Use quality ground shafts with high performance and long service time.
2) Adopt high quality materials and thread attachments.
3) Use high quality wear-proof washover pipe to ensure self-adjusting position of the seal

We can supply Q series heavy duty , light duty, 25K, 40K water swivels and spare parts of the water swivels.