BW-600/10 Triplex Piston Mud Pump

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Product Description:

BW600 / 10 mud pump is a horizontal triplex single acting reciprocating piston pump. The pump is suitable for about 70 tons of trenchless drilling rig, shallow hole drilling wells and specialty construction and oil drilling shallow holes, 2000 meters above the core drilling. The pump has four traffic and four kinds of pressure, can better meet the different aperture or hole deep drilling technology needs. Compared with the same specifications pump has a smooth, wide flow range, high output pressure, longer consumable life and stable performance characteristics.

Main specifications:

BW-600/10 MUD PUMP
Type Single-acting triplex piston
Stroke 110mm
Bore 100mm
Pump speed (s.p.m) 232 162 109 76
Output volume (l.p.m) 600 415 280 195
Discharge pressure (Mpa) 3.5 5 7.5 10
Input power (Kw) 55
Suction pipe dia (mm) 89
Discharge pipe dia (mm) 51

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