HGY-300 Drilling Rig

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Product Details

HGY-300 Drilling Rig:

Drilling depth(m): 300;
Spindle stroke(mm): 530;
Spindle driving force max. (KN): 40;
Spindle lifting power max. (KN): 60;
Single rope lifting power: 30;

Product Features:
Wide range of suitable rotary speed to meet various needs.
Common auto parts, such as clutch, transmission case and shstructure.
Multilevel positive and reverse rotate speed.

Product Application:
It is widely used in the construction of the projects e. g. prospecting, railway, road, port, bridge, water conservancy and hydropower, tunnel, well, industrial and civil construction, geological exploration, large diameter boring pile and small diameter diamond core deep hole drilling, etc.

The technical parameters of the HGY-300 drilling rig:

Type HGY-300 Drilling Rig
Drilling depth(m) 300
Drilling rod diameter(mm) Φ50
Head angle range 0~360°
Cylinder stroke(mm) 400
Spindle speed(r/min) Positive rotation rate: 34\67\115\189\238\156\307\531\868\1094
Reverse rotation rate: 38\173
Spindle hole diameter(mm) Φ65/Φ96
Spindle output torque(N.M) 3100
Spindle stroke(mm) 530
Spindle driving force max.(KN) 40
Spindle lifting power max.(KN) 60
Lifting speed (m/s) 0.30\0.59\1.01\1.66\2.09
Single rope lifting power(KN) 30
Steel wire rope diameter(mm) Φ13
Mode of chuck Full hydraulic chuck or ball-type chuck
Weight(power unit excepted)(kg) 1200
Dimensions(LxWxH)(mm) 2000x900x1600
Diesel engine K4100D (30kw)
Electrometer Y180L-4(22KW)
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