HXY Model Crawler Mounted Core Drilling Rig

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Product Description

HXY-4TL / 42TL / 44TL / 5TL / 6TL / 6BTL crawler-type core drilling rig is to meet with a variety of diamond drilling as the main drilling process needs, developed a new integrated core drilling rig can also be used in engineering geological exploration, hydrology, water wells and large diameter construction, geotechnical drilling rig is a traditional equipment, in addition to the original vertical shaft core drilling rig structure is simple, easy to operate, easy to maintain advantages, it has the following salient features:

1, The hydraulic system and the traditional mechanical drilling perfect combination.

2, Equipped with hydraulic vice winch, hydraulic mud pump, compact structure, easy to operate.

3, Hydraulic landing rigs, light and flexible.

4, Using four hydraulic legs, more stable.

5, Using crawler walking machine moves to facilitate the relocation.

Technical parameters

Drilling Rig Model HXY-4TL HXY-42TL HXY-44TL HXY-5TL HXY-6TL HXY-6BTL
Drilling Depth 700-1000m 700-1100m 700-1400m 900-1800m 1000-2100m 1200-2400m
Drill Angle 45掳 – 90掳 45掳 – 90掳 45掳 – 90掳 90掳 90掳 90掳

Spindle Speed



101,187,267 82,151,215 83,152,217 96,170,244 92,162,244 96,178,253
388,311,574 313,251,463 316,254,468 356,359,591 284,357,471 369,268,494
819,1191rpm 661,961rpm 667,970rpm 850,1246rpm 678,994rpm 705,1025rpm
Negative 83,251rpm 67,205rpm 67,206rpm 84,293rpm 85,234rpm 78,218rpm
Max. Spindle Speed 2640N路m 3200N路m 3200N路m 5500N路m 7800N路m 7800N路m
Spindle Feeding Stroke 600mm 600mm 600mm 600mm 720mm 720mm
Spindle Hole聽Diameter 68mm 93mm 93mm 93mm 93mm 118mm
Max.Lifting Capacity of Spindle 80KN 80KN 120KN 135KN 200KN 200KN
Max. Pressuring Force of Spindle 60KN 60KN 90KN 100KN 150KN 150KN
Steel Wire Diameter 16mm 16mm 17.5mm 18.5mm 21.5mm 21.5mm
Winding Drum Capacity 90m 90m 110m 120m 120m 120m
Max. Hoisting Force 30KN 30KN 45KN 60KN 85KN 85KN
Drill Tower height 10m 10m 10m 12m 12m 12m
Power Unit (Diesel Engine) 74KW/2200r/min 82KW/2200r/min 97KW/2200r/min 132KW/2200r/min 132KW/2200r/min 132KW/2200r/min
Mud Pump 160L/min 160L/min 250L/min 250L/min 320L/min 320L/min
Mixer (Optional) Y2-16-0 Y2-16-0 Y2-16-0 Y2-16-0 Y2-16-0 Y2-16-0
Auxiliary Hoist 12KN 12KN 12KN 12KN 15KN 15KN
Max. Load of Mast 100KN 100KN 100KN 200KN 200KN 200KN
Moving Speed 1.5km/h 1.5km/h 1.5km/h 1.5km/h 1.5km/h 1.5km/h
Climbing Capacity 30掳 30掳 30掳 30掳 30掳 30掳
Dimensions 4785x2220x10524mm 4785x2220x10524mm 4785x2220x10524mm 6186x2220x12000mm 6186x2220x12000mm 6186x2220x12000mm
Weight 9.3t 9.6t 10t 13.5t 14t 14.6t