YZJ-300Y Crawler Mounted Drilling Rig

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Product Description

YZJ-300Y Crawler Type Drilling Rig:
It is widely used in the geological general investigation and exploration, road, railway, port, bridge, water conservancy, tunnel and tall building basic exploration, kinds of hole in concrete structure, river, levees, subgrade grouting hole drilling and direct grouting, civil wells and earth central air conditioner, and etc.

Main features:

1. It equipped the automatic hydraulic lifting drill tower, form the lift and drop tower is hydraulically operated, it is convenient and reliable, save time and reduce labour intensity;

2. The rig is equipped with crawler running gear and hydraulic cylinder pillar, the whole relocation convenient, easy to rig the level of adjustment;

3. The oil pressure to enter institutions, improve drilling efficiency;

4. Rig equipped with a cassette holding mechanism on the ball instead of a chuck, can be implemented without stopping the machine down lever, high efficiency, easy operation, safe and reliable;

5. With socket pressure gauge indicates pressure, easy to grasp the hole situation;

6. Diesel engine with electric start, reduce labor intensity;

7. Rig is easy for operation, with high performance, easy maintenance, less investment and quick.聽

8. With 4 high legs, it is very convenient for transportation without crane.

9. The mud pump can be mounted on the crawler, it can save cost and space.

The technological data of YZJ-300Y Drilling Rig:

聽Type YZJ-300Y Drilling Rig
Unity machine parameter
Drilling depth(m) 250/300/400/600
Open hole diameter max.(mm) 桅300
End hole diameter(mm) 桅75
Drilling rod diameter(mm) 桅60
Head angle range 90掳~聽65掳
Spindle speed(r/min) Positive rotation rate: 30-1050
Reverse rotation rate: 29-137
Spindle stroke(mm) 560
Spindle hole diameter(mm) 96
Spindle lifting capacity(KN) 60
Single rope lifting capacity max.(KN) 40
Single rope lifting speed(m/min) 0-45
Reel diameter(mm) 300
Reel capacity(m) 30
Steel wire rope diameter (mm) 桅14
Steel wire rope length of drum(m) 30
Hug floodgate belt width(mm) 90
Mud pump
Type Horizontal Triplex BW-250
Diesel engine displacement/Electric motor 250L/min
Work pressure聽(Mpa) 7
Water inlet diameter(mm) 桅75
Water outlet diameter(mm) 桅50
Geared Oil Pump
Duplex gear oil pump CBF-F63/25
Front displacement聽pressure 63ml/r20Mpa
Behind displacement聽pressure 25ml/r20 Mpa
Drilling Rig Power
Diesel engine R4105ZD聽聽 76HP or Cummins 聽60KW
Electric motor Y180L-4聽聽聽 22KW
Wheeled Chassis
Chassis loading bearing(MT) 3
Chassis length(m) 2.6
Chassis width(m) 2
Max. crawler higher(m) 0.6